Connect with your Neighbors on

Cornerstone Ridge is on is a private social network for our neighborhood and community. It's an easy way for us to connect online, schedule neighborhood events and get the latest news from the POA. Plus, it's available to download on your mobile device for quick access anywhere. Residents can get started by going to

Guidelines for Neighborly Behavior on

Please follow these guidelines while on

Treat everyone with respect

  • Assume good intentions in others and give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • Disagree without being disagreeable; focus on issues and do not engage in personal attacks.
  • Practice moderation and do not over post in a way that dominates conversations.
  • Send private messages or post to a Group when a limited audience is more appropriate.
  • Refrain from profanity or posting messages that will be perceived as discriminatory or profiling.

Share helpful information

  • Answer fellow members’ questions.
  • Share information about crime and safety issues.
  • Recommend local businesses and services (without spamming or inappropriate self-promotion).
  • Sell, share, or give away personal items that you no longer want or need.
  • Discuss community issues.
  • Spread the word about local events.
  • Provide support to fellow members in need.